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Terms and conditions do apply on all estimates, do familiarize yourself with them underneath each “Monthly Instalment”

Due to variations in computer hardware and software, actual vehicle colours may vary from those reproduced on this site.

Pictures of vehicle models are for ease of reference only and may not be the exact model referred too, this is including all and any extras as well as any accessories.

As far as exact specifications and correct details; not all options are listed, it is important to remember, for a detailed option list and / or final quote, please contact our sales staff.

Estimates are based on pricing, which are subject to price increases from the manufacturers at any given time without prior notice.

All Estimates includes 15% VAT (South African Value Added Tax)

As per “Other Comments” estimates exclude any other extras, documentation, registration and / or accessories.

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Additional Disclaimers

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Offers shown may not be available to all customers in the Republic of South Africa. Offers shown on the site are the available offers at the time of posting and are subject to change, bank approval and may be subject to expiration dates.

Not all clients will qualify for approval at financial institutions, as these offers are subject to normal credit vetting process and personal credit history, with advice from our Agent under the National Credit Regulator (NCR) within the Republic of South Africa.

Restrictions apply as in; no insurances are included anywhere. Contact our sales staff for complete details. The Options and Option Package price and monthly instalment displayed are for illustration purposes only. Prices and monthly instalments may vary based on features included in package, financing terms and availability. Some Options are not available separately, they are provided in Packages. Not all Options or Option Packages are available on all vehicles. Contact our sales staff for complete details. Specifications, Features, Packages, Options, Extras and Accessories shown for any make & model are based upon the latest information available. Manufacturers reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, to features, equipment, packages, options, price, colours, specifications, extras, accessories and materials.

Manufacturers reserves the right to extend or shorten the model year for any product for any reason or to start and end model years at different times of the year. We cannot be responsible for typographical or other errors as we try to make the website as factual and comprehensive. For additional information and the most up to date product details, please contact our sales staff.

Build & Price: As product changes occur often, some of the information may not be correct depending on the date and time we configure your requested vehicle.  Images shown are for informational purposes only. They may not necessarily represent the configurable options selected or available on the vehicle and they do not show true renderings of colours and/or upholsteries. We cannot be responsible for typographical or other errors, including data transmission, display, or software errors, that may appear on the site. Contact our sales staff for complete details on the latest detailed information and availability of vehicles.

Mzanzi Search & Sell is not responsible for the information provided in responses from dealers to customers with regards to Request a Quote or Test Drive submissions. The dealer is solely responsible for the feedback they provide to us, in order to advise clients.

The payment is an estimate per month only, and does not represent the actual payment amount for any vehicle on offer.

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