Credit Status

Relative in SA - NOT living with you: (MUST COMPLETE)

I am not a minor,
I have never been declared mentally unfit by a court,
I am not subject to an Administration Order,
I do not have any current application pending for debt restructuring or alleviation,
I do not have any current debt re-arrangement in existence,
I have not previously applied for a debt re-arrangement,
I am not under sequestration,
I do not have applications pending for credit, nor open quotations as envisage in section 92 of the N.C.A. (National Credit Act)
If any, of the above is incorrect, please indicate here:

Have you ever been listed by a company as a bad payer on N.C.R.?
If Yes please provide details

Was any of your cheques or debit orders ever been returned unpaid?
If YES please provide details

Do you have any accounts, with either clothing or furniture companies etc? Please provide list of the companies:

Once Search & Sell ("SANDS") applies for credit report, you must be aware of the following;

I consent to be included in telemarketing campaign, by "SANDS"
I consent to be included in information via e-mail or SMS, by "SANDS"
I understand that should my contact details change, I will advise "SANDS" on
I hereby consent to "SANDS" and it's agent to obtain my credit profile, with any credit bureau as per section 70 (2) (g) of the N.C.A.
"SANDS" agent is Riaan van der Linde Cell - 065 373 2724 / email -
I further authorise Credit Health to obtain my complete credit profiles from Trans Union, Experian and XDS

By Signing this form, I hereby declare and confirm, that all the information I have provided is true and correct.
I hereby give my consent to "SANDS" and it's agent to submit my application to various institutions to obtain my credit report,
obtain various references on my behalf and to screen my credit history, in order to explain full credit situation / scoring.

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