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Search & Sell

The new way of selling cars, has been here for some time, Search & Sell!

Results driven

We strive to set achievable goals, meeting expectations of our clients. Consistently measuring results, we achieved.

Winning Culture

The glue that binds management and staff together, is the powerful impact from our past performances. This element is the most difficult component for our competitors to follow.

Top Performance

We continuously measure our accomplishments of any given task against present standards in the industry, in order to achieve top performance in accuracy, completeness, cost and speed.


Proven Finance

Our Staff have based our firm foundations to obtain proven credentials in the finance industry which have been established since 1995.

6 very easy steps to buy your brand New Car

1. You choose a car

2. You are in charge of budget

3. We do a credit check

4. We do qualification

5. We negotiate (Banks, dealers and insurance)

6. We confirm & deliver!

We do not, as the saying goes; ‘put the cart before the horse!

Where other dealers obtain your application documentation and apply for vehicle finance on your behalf at all Financial Institutions and then end up offering you (In-house) finance approvals at ridiculous high interest rates.

Through the years, and assisted by changing technology, we have painstakingly developed a system which proves that once our clients have realized that they have been taken for a ride by a Dealer that it already too late to change the previously approved interest rate at the other banks.  We therefor urge you to call us first.

In our dealer network we source the best finance package from all the major banks; without finance you can’t get a car, nor does it help you enquiring about the insurance.

Upon “deciding” which vehicle to buy, we will obtain a minimum of 3 quotes from dealers enquiring which one is willing to do the transaction, which will suit your financial criteria and not the other way around.

Insurance follows with quotations obtained from various well-established Insurance Companies. Our FSCA accredited personal will discuss these quotes with you in order for you to make an informed decision as to which Insurance House to choose.

Only once all of the above is in place we will arrange and confirm delivery date and place that suits you. Our delivery experience is designed to address any contract and vehicle issues you might have and we endeavour not to do a rush delivery, as many other dealers do, just to get you out the door in order to set up the next vulnerable client.

New vs. Used

This is very easy and it is an important decision as it can cost you dearly, saying goes: Buying cheap, is expensive buying! (Do I need to say more…)

In an article I previously posted the summary is as follows;


For – You are first time owner, peace of mind, easy resale, customisable and technology galore

Against – Pricing, Depreciation, Insurance, Finance and model changes


For – Affordability, Consumer preference, Valuation, Insurance and data (Accidents and services)

Against – Options limited, Guarantees & Warranties, Reliability, Finance and Accident prone

It is still my opinion; the depreciation and cost on a new car, far outweighs the long turn running costs of a used vehicle!

Who We Are

Our Mission

To add value to our clients by providing excellent meaningful and timely services. We hope to be distinguished by the consistent track record of happy clients and personal growth.

Our Vision

To be a credible, respected and recognised company in South Africa. To provide integrated services with excellence and professionalism.

Our Values

We believe in helping all clients’ by working faster, easier and better together.

Our Motto

The new way of selling cars, has been here for some time, Search & Sell!

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Our Trusted Brands

What You Need To Know

‘Riaan Van Der Linde’s business for the last 29 Years, has been all about; Motoring, Finance & Insurance. As the New Business manager at MFI, Riaan had to steer various forms of trends and technology.’

It’s true, clients don’t always welcome the outcome of a result or a solution, I offer, then again; I am not here because I am Mr. Popular – Someone has to be realistic and tell the truth.

With this in mind, the reality exist on ‘all things’, we just cannot keep up with technology! Take for instance how cars have evolved over the years, when I started with Toyota in 1991, a Toyota Corolla had Air conditioning (optional), a Radio / Tape player (optional), Mags (optional) and a key, no power steering, no central locking and definitely no Bluetooth – Think what extras are standard in today’s Corolla!

Remember when it was just me calling you! Nowadays our phones are talking to us, and half the time I do not know what it says, or even how it got to talk to me in the first place?

In the Motor Industry, soon we’ll have self-driving cars, so why are we bothered with cars; answer is simple – We like driving them and we love to open them up on a long stretch of road.

In the Finance Industry, can you still remember going into a bank, do a deposit and then it took 7 days to clear – Now you can simply open your App, make the payment and it is immediately cleared.

In the Insurance industry, it took days / weeks for a claim to get approved, now your claim is authorised within 24 hours and your car repaired within a week – Bonus, there’s a courtesy-car too.

However someone has to sit and do the paperless capturing and with this automatization in mind:

  • One still needs to explain to clients why the vehicle broke down, what caused it and who is going to pay for it?
  • One still needs to clarify a credit report to a person, why I am not able to get the finance approved?
  • One still needs to do a quality check on repaired vehicles, making sure they are done 100% correct?

We are all happy with the technical advancements, make no mistake. Just a small step back and think; how do I observe, listen and put myself in the other persons’ shoes, a smartphone cannot replicate that?

Before you authorise anything with that ‘OTP’, here are a couple of things I can do, to make your life easier:

Search & Sell

  • Search at all our dealers, for the right new make & model according to your specifications. (Offers for Trade-in too!)
  • Fight for the finance on your behalf, so you don’t have to become embroiled with banks.
  • Making sure that the best possible insurance option is activated, in order to cover you.
  • In order for you to make the best decision? – I offer you the best advice!
  • In all decisions and options you opt for, you have the education box, checked!
    Trade-in   Residual   Excess   Deal  =  √

Technology does help us, but it is good to just hear that voice of reason again…

Riaan and his team of experts are not only an adapting company doing something great, they offer services you might not want to go without, it is trust; in this modern day of age!

What Our Clients Say


My journey with the Riaans started 21 years ago when I was a young intern at McCord’s Hospital in Durban. How time flies! I was introduced to their excellent service by a dear friend who had studied at Medunsa. In Durban we did not have a service like theirs and they were primarily Gauteng based. I love personal touch on things and having human connections in any engagements especially in transactions where I will be making financial commitments. I was first wowed by the human connection and genuine interest by Riaan to try and understand my needs. My expectations were far surpassed by the investment that the business clearly made in nurturing their relationship with their clients and ensuring that the engagements do not only end at signing of documents when the car is delivered. They also ensure that one has the best insurance in the market and look out for changes in the market when the time comes to change the car. The latter has always been an interesting conversation because they help you buy a car that you can have the flexibility to sell later and not be stuck with it. For me, the two Riaan’s have become like brothers than just a car dealership. They have helped me, my family and friends get the cars of their dreams at the best possible deals. I would recommend them for anyone who has a thing for details like me and prefers dealing with one person for particular issues. For me, if it has to do with a car, they are my go to people. Even my son knows. – Dr. G.Y. Ngubane

I, Andre Badenhorst was introduced to Riaan Mostert and Riaan van der Linde of Mc Car Motors approximately 20 years ago.
At the time, they assisted me with the procurement of a new motor vehicle that I wished to purchase with exemplary professionalism.
Since then, my personal and professional relationship with the two has developed as they continue to assist me and my family with sourcing and purchasing motor-vehicles.
Additionally, their services include, as many of their clients know, personal delivery of the purchased vehicles.
They have also offered us assistance with car insurance, mechanical services pertaining to tires, maintaining and replacing batteries, gearboxes etc.
In addition, they offered us personal and immediate assistance in a motor-vehicle accident incident, which, if not for their services, would have left us having to pay a substantially larger fee for the repairs that had to be made on the vehicle.
Through the development of our relationship, my family and I are in a privileged position where any one of us can phone either two of them at any time with car related queries or emergencies
Through my personal experience with them over the two decades, I have no hesitation in recommending their services to any prospective clients, and can vouch for their exemplary professionalism and competence. Adv. M.A. Badenhorst (SC)


To whom it might concern.

I have known Mr. Riaan van der Linde since 2001. As a sales person he is a hard worker and throughout the 19 years I have known him, with all my cars delivered; he was consistent, patient and thorough with the delivery as well as the finance.

Thank you very much

Dr. SK Mafeelane

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